Daudi Solomon



“Wow….we were so impressed with our friend Daudi. Aside from being a careful and courteous driver, he was also very knowledgable about the history of Tz, the animals, the plants…all around an impressive young man!” Guest Kramer

Daudi’s Father Charles Solomon was one of Dorobo’s first guides. Growing up with a father as a guide gave Daudi the aspiration to follow in his footsteps. Daudi studied at the Tropical institute in Arusha obtaining a certificate in tourism and further studied to get a diploma in African Wildlife. Daudi like most guides started working at Dorobo as mechanic and camp crew in 2009 and by 2011 had learnt the Dorobo guiding philosophy to start guiding full time. Daudi loves all aspects of wildlife but especially enjoys watching cat behaviour. Daudi is known for his incredible ability to spot wildlife but also his calm and relaxed behaviour around guests.