Dorobo Fund

The Dorobo Fund for Tanzania has its origins in numerous people. Having the privilege of growing up in Tanzania, the Peterson “boys”, Daudi, Thad and Mike, started Dorobo Safaris. Early on they were joined and energized by their wives – Trude, Robin and Lisa. Mzee Mika, the old Dorobo from the Maasai steppe, provided an early perspective and an influence on the direction the fund would take. Maasai elder, Loure Parmelo, was not only a long time friend but provided wisdom and guidance on the issues and dynamics of Maasai culture and pastoralism. Later, Maroba – the Hadza from Yaeda -gave insights into a different way of looking at the world. The safaris also connected the Peterson’s with so many people who provided support, guidance, and challenges. Key among those are Richard Leider, Susan Boren and Marilyn Mason. And then there are the committed individuals mentioned above who have roots in their communities and a similar vision. UCRT, carrying out the work of the Dorobo Fund, would not be possible without people like Edward Loure, Partalala, Makko and Maanda. Of course there are countless others, too many to mention all, who have influenced and supported the work of the Dorobo Fund for Tanzania. We’re grateful for all.

The Dorobo Fund Board of Trustees

The Dorobo Fund is voluntarily administered by a Board of Trustees. Current board members are:

Susan Boren

Jon Cox

Richard Leider

Daudi Peterson

Mike Peterson

Thad Peterson

Jessie Davie

Mark Thornton

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