The Peterson family has been in Tanzania since the early 50’s and started to take guests on safari in the early 80’s. Since the three Peterson brothers started Dorobo, much has changed, and much hasn’t. Here is a brief glimpse of what things were like “back in the day”:

Curious camp on-looker


Exploring Lake Victoria

Home in the Bush

It’s Good to be the King

Mze Mika – An important influence┬áin the development of Dorobo’s outlook and philosophy

The Ngorongoro Crater in the Early Days

The first Walking Treks

The first Safaris

Evening light on Spotted Fur

Masai Life

Hadza Experiences

Oldonyo L’engai – The Mountain of God

Taking a break..

Oldonyo L’engai Crater

The orignal safari vehicles

The first student trips