Student Trips

Dorobo is able to design the perfect educational experience for you, whether it is a short field trip, a service learning project, a specialty course, a university level course or even a full semester program.

  • While Dorobo has staff who can teach intro level courses on biology, ecology, conservation and culture, we are also able to facilitate more advanced courses led by instructors and professionals.
  • Dorobo can provide logistics of transport, food and accommodation for groups of up to 30 (although less than 20 is recommended).
  • Programs and trips are individually set up and are customized to fit the exact needs of the school or group


As our world has become more intricately connected, we realize the importance for young people to get international experiences that go beyond what one learns in the classroom. At Dorobo, we draw on:

  • 30+ years of experience running safari operations in Tanzania
  • Experience working with over 10 schools and programs ranging from Middle-school to University Level, and covering service-learning projects to full semester programs
  • Long-term relationships with communities that allow for unique and real, source experiences for students
  • Professional and expert guides and staff that can provide knowledge born from
    experience that goes beyond what one can read in a book


With its peaceful history, rich mix of cultures, incredible array of wildlife and great variety of geography, Tanzania is the perfect location for an education trip, no matter what the subject is. Some of the areas of study include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural anthropology: Tanzania has over 120 different ethnic groups. Dorobo hasL&COct09 153
    relationships with communities from the coastal Swahili to the Cushitic Iraqw, the
    Nilotic Maasai and the Hadzabe Huner-Gatherers.
  • Terrestrial Ecology/Biology: There is a huge range of topics available for study,
    from mammology to botany to general introductory courses.
  • Marine Biology/Ecology: With over 1400 kms of coastline, Tanzania has amazing
    potential for tropical marine studies.
  • Conservation issues: As one of the top safari destinations in the world with a rapidly increasing population, there are many complex issues surrounding conservation in Tanzania. Being directly involved with conservation, this is an area Dorobo and staff have a lot of knowledge in.
  • Development issues: As Tanzania develops, it faces a lot of challenges and
    decisions. From expanding urbanization to issues of food and water security and
    healthcare, there are many areas to study and learn about.