Take a walk on the wild side.


Feel the savannah grass brush against your leg and the thick Ruaha River bank mud engulf your boot. Appreciate the vastness of the grasslands and look up to understand just how tall giraffes really are. Go at your own pace and take in everything around you, making your safari a unique experience that you help to create. Let us take you on a journey through Tanzania’s diverse landscapes by foot. Come walk with us.

Thirty plus years ago as we started Dorobo Safaris, there may have been many uncertainties but one thing we all agreed on was that we wanted to provide visitors with a chance to walk, to experience nature on foot and away from vehicles. All evidence points to the African continent and especially E. Africa being the cradle of humanity – it is here that we evolved to be bipedal and to walk. From the beginning walking in wilderness felt right and good, if not exciting when you become more a part of the wildlife than apart from them. Our walks are designed for those who like the private intimacy of being in wilderness and who marvel and engage in the whole experience – from the tracks in the sand left by insects to the chance encounter with an unsuspecting animal coming down to drink at the river.

There is no doubt that wilderness areas, where the impact of us humans is minimal, are becoming scarcer and scarcer in this world. Each year such areas dwindle and they are truly becoming a rare and valuable resource. Despite this Tanzania still has some fantastic wilderness and we believe that Dorobo continues to offer quality and unique walking safaris in Tanzania. After 30 years of experience, we also believe that we have some of the best walking guides in the business as well as a unique fly camp operation that offers flexibility and mobility while still providing the basic comforts (And not civilizing the very wilderness one has come to experience). Few if any other companies in Tanzania are able to break camp in the morning and have the camp set up again and waiting at a new location when one walks in for lunch!!

If you are looking for an amazing adventure in the next few years, please contact us to work out in detail the options and costs.

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