Elizabeth Tarimo


Eliza grew up with an interest in wildlife leading to her obtaining a degree in Wildlife Management at Sokoine University. She started working with Dorobo in 2016 as a guide and continues to play a crucial role teaching Swahili courses for US University students. Having always enjoyed reading both novels and naturalist books has resulted to Eliza having a vast knowledge on the Flora and Fauna of Tanzania, and this knowledge continues to grow!

Eliza’s calm and cool nature takes you up close to some of Tanzania’s best experiences. Her passion for wildlife and the rich diversity of people in Tanzania are reflected in her character. Her keen senses can spot the Chameleon crossing the road to the distant Elephant on the horizon. Despite her already good bush knowledge she continues to push her-self and learn from the world around her. Her fluent English and fun personality make for a well-rounded and fun safari.