Maggie Duncan


“Maggie was an amazing guide. She was knowledgeable and entertaining and fun to be around. She did a wonderful job providing answers to all our questions… And we had a lot of questions!.” Guest Hannah

Since a young age Maggie has been interested in nature and being involved with communities. She got a guiding degree from Professional Tour guiding school in Arusha. Since 2008 she has been working with Dorobo becoming one of the first female guides in Tanzania! Maggie enjoys everything from the smaller insects to larger mammals of Tanzania. Maggie most enjoys the cultural tourism that Dorobo engages in as she has built long term relationships with Maasai, Iraqw and Hadza. Maggie’s continued interest to support women in communities eventually gave rise to her Non Profit “Dare Women’s Foundation” which aims at empowering women through poverty elleviation and gender equality.