Mountain biking in Northern Tanzania

Dorobo has had long term relationships with a few community owned areas which offer incredible mountain biking experiences. Some of these areas border National Parks offer both wildlife encounters and cultural interactions with Maasai, Iraqw and Hadza. The topography and landscapes can range from the rolling hills of savannah to highland forests. Cycling in these areas allows you to truly immerse yourself in remote parts of Northern Tanzania’s rural life away from the busy tourist areas and add an active component to your safari.
Our biking options can be a full biking safari where you bike every day for up to 2 week or you can choose to add half day or one or two days of mountain biking to add some activity to a normal safari. See below the areas that we offer mountain biking in and how these areas can incorporate wildlife viewing from vehicles and bush walks in National Parks.
While riding you will be in communication with driver and vehicle in case you want to drive. A private Dorobo mobile camp will be setup and awaiting your arrival in each location.


Maasailand – Simanjiro

This is great country to bike in almost year round with rolling hills and wooded savannah. The best time for wildlife is late November to May during the Green season. During this time wildebeest and zebra migrate into the area and utilize the nutrient rich grasses crucial for their calving season. This area also is settled by the Maasai and one has the chance to interact with them in an authentic unstaged setting. You can easily spend up to 4 days biking in the area and after go into Tarangire National Park through the more remote eastern border..



Nou Forest

This is a remote forest where only a handful of tourists visit yearly. Enjoy the cooler forest setting sitting at an elevation of 2,000 meters. There are stands of old growth forest that offer incredible birding, sights of blue monkey and signs of smaller antelope and elephant. The area surrounding the forest is owned by local Iraqw people who are agro pastoralists. The Iraqw protect the forest as a critical watershed and also have access to some of the resources such as firewood.
One of the best routes climbs up the escarpment going through rural agricultural villages and before entering the Nou forest. Depending on your fitness level you can chose to bike up the Rift Valley escarpment or descend as the forest sets on top of the Gregory rift escarpment.
A day hike to a waterfall from your forest camp is highly recommended. One can spend 2 to 3 days biking in this area, which is located in between Tarangire National Park and the Yaeda Valley (home of the Hadza) – it is a great and natural addition to an itinerary.



Yaeda Valley

Ride through landscapes which range from rocky hills to forests with a mosaic of Baobab trees. Most of the riding will be on smaller cattle/wildlife trails as you make your way across the Yaeda valley and over the Gideru Mountains. Each evening you’ll be welcomed with a hot shower and cold beverage in an exclusive Dorobo mobile camp. You’ll also be privileged to interact with the Hadza and their hunting and gathering lifestyle during your time here.
Spend 2 to 5 days traversing the area; the Yaeda valley is a great place to add on from the Nou forest, Tarangire or Ngorongoro Conservation area.



Sinya WMA (Wildlife Management Area)

Sinya offers breathtaking scenery with some of the best views of Mt Kilimanjaro. The WMA is well protected by game scouts so it is quite common to see wildlife such as giraffe, gazelle and sometimes elephant while riding. This area is a great way to start your safari spending your first night in West Kilimanjaro and then descending down onto the Sinya plains. Spend 2 to 4 days riding this beautiful landscape. After riding in Sinya continue your safari to the Natron area or Arusha National Park.


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